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Chinese language schools have widely spread all over the world in the recent past

Almost every country has at least one learning institution offering Chinese language. Moreover, over 16 percent of the world’s population is able to use Chinese dialect fluently. The majorly spoken language is Chinese standard language also known as Mandarin. Mandarin is a Dialect taught in Chinese language schools. too it is language used in china country by almost every citizen. Mandarin is the Chinese official dialect dating back to 1930 to present date. Due to public demand of Chinese dialect and economic demands of chinse language, many Chinese language schools has been started in different parts of the world. Chinese language schools offer diverse curriculum which suits suitably to most leaners to undertake it. It has varied syllabi as elaborated below. 

Chinese language schools started back in 1955 with the aim of implementing mandarin as the national dialect in china. It arose from government directive to use mandarin divers fully in the economic and all aspects of citizens life. But in the recent past Chinese language schools has spread from china to most parts of the world. In one way or the other the republic of china is meeting its goal of promoting its culture around the world 

The curriculum of Chinese language schools is diversified offering not only written Chinese standard dialect but also spoken dialect. The system of content delivery used by instructors is pinyin system which is an international standard. This has led mandarin language to gain popularity in Chinese language schools in and out of china.  Law of writing is the methods of delivery used to deliver Chinese written language. Relations amongst world are taught in Chinese language enhance what has been learned there is Chinese dictionary which consists of all relevant words and what they mean.  

In addition, Chinese art is taught in Chinese schools of language as co-curricula activity. Chinese art concentrates on both  Chinese painting techniques by using variety of colors and Chinese martial arts which is widely practiced around the globe as a defensive mechanism.. The paintings enhance Chinese culture and stories of the past. Martial arts also known as “kung fu”, entails fighting skills and it has been under development long time ago up to date. Chinese martial arts has integrated fighting stykles from all over asia like tae kwon do and karate  forming Chinese heritage and culture. Most young people in othe country has become more interested in the chineses language due to its high growing demand and popularity. 

Calligraphy tools are also used in Chinese language schools to teach Chinese written language.words are related to ideas  which gives focus on repetition and stroke oder. The relatiuonshios of words depends much on radicals and words from ideas which relate to a particular topic. 

In the recent past Growth and development of Chinese language schools has been  rapidly due china’s influence in global economy, china is the second largest in terms of economy in the world being led by America. Most of country has its economy been boosted by Chinese government through china’s investments hence boosting their economy.  

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