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Trending Custom-Made Men’s Boots

Without skepticism, all of us can agree with Miuccia Prada, “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world… fashion is instant language.” Anon went further to say, “Good shoes will take you to good places.” In the present world, looking good matters a lot. It might represent your self-worth, the mood that you possess at that specific instant and to others the background or prestige in the family lineage. Therefore, it is important to choose the right shoes or custom-made boots – especially men – for the right occasion without appearing odd and primitive. By all means, you need to find the perfect setting when you appear before people such as:


It has a unique yellow color and has remained the same since it was initiated in 1973. In fact, many people came to know the resole boots by Dayton better in the mid-nineties, because of the fame associated with it – by hip-hop artists (a combination of Africans and Americans). Since then, it has become a fashionable outfit among consumers. They can be worn with other brands of clothes that fit and reflect its prestige in the market. If your focus is durability, you should include this in the list; be prepared to spend extra money than for other boots. Furthermore, this footwear can be matched with coats, denim shirts, jeans, blazers, jackets and sweaters.

Ankle Boots

In general, ankle boots are more comfortable than Chelsea boots. They contain zippers or straps that allow movement to open and close the shoes. There are different types of ankle boots. First is the Thursday Rogue boots – it has a weather-resistant leather and Goodyear-welt construction cork beds to create comfortability. With a Cuban heel in place, it is stylish by default. Also, it is affordable at a price of $199 only. Second in the category is Lucchese Jonah boots: they have an elegant zip-up, stacked leather heel and Goodyear-welted design that distinguishes it from the rest.

Wingtip Boots

How about Wingtip Boots? Their style makes one feel the beautification and replaces the usual footwear. Moreover, it can be worn with a pair of cords coupled with a suit. They have been in existence for a while till the present time. Grenson Fred leather boots are included in this category. They offer great services to the people in the countryside. They are fitted with a chunky rubber sole and water-resistant storm welt. Another boot is Rancourt Brighton. It is made in the USA; it features a cap-toe brogue design. For flexibility, it is fitted with Blake-stitch.

Chukka Boots

Usually, they are referred to as desert boots. It was during the 2nd World War that these boots were worn initially; during this period, the British string of soldiers used these boots in their African conquest. After the introduction of these boots, there has been an improvement to give them some stylish options. Attached to it, there is a crepe rubber sole which is essential for protecting the boot. The prices range from $120 to $350.

Trending Custom-Made Men’s Boots ordinarily, the list of custom-made men’s boots is interminable. But with the few mentioned above, you can still try them.