Challenges Facing Chinese Tuition Centres In Singapore

With the wind of globalization sweeping across the world, the demand for classes for chinese in SG has real gone high. Many students want to win a place in prestigious universities like Harvard having had proficient skills in Chinese. There is also a view that china is rising up faster in terms of industrialization and hence knowing the language is a positive for businesses dealing with Chinese suppliers. There are many tuition centres offering Chinese language but most of them are in accessible due to various reasons. This article analyses some challenges facing Chinese tuition centres and how to overcome them.

  • Teacher student ratio Some tuition centres have a large teacher to student ratio which compromises the quality of service provided by these tuition centres. To overcome the challenge, the ministry of Education Centre should allow as many entrepreneurs to open as many tuition centres as possible.
  • Resources for expansion Many owners of these tuition centre lack enough capital and resources to expand and improve their tuition centres. To overcome this challenge, a special fund should be created by the government to assist these entrepreneurs in expanding their facilities.
  • Lack of enough teaching aids

    Many centres do not have certain teaching aids in their centres. This makes teaching process because the tutors do not have the right and enough to tools to use when teaching. The centres should utilize the funds they get from the students to buy enough teaching materials and aids to make the teaching process not only enjoyable but helpful to students.

  • Lack of enough teachers. Most of the centres lack enough trained tutors to support the learners. To overcome this challenge, these Tuition centre should strive to give the tutors good remuneration so that they retain them for a long time. This is because most of these tutors keep on moving from tuition to tuition looking for greener pastures.
  • Lack of enough capital to invest in modern infrastructure. Most of these tuition centres lack of enough resources to improve and expand basic infrastructure like classrooms and language libraries. This lack of infrastructure is a big hindrance to smooth learning of the language. Language resources like labs are missing from these centres
  • Attitude that people have that Chinese is difficult language Most people think that Chinese language is difficult and therefore there is no need of torturing yourself learning it. This attitude has made many not to try learning it. On the other hand the Chinese language is a very simple language for anybody dedicated in learning it. People need to be taught that the language is not difficult and that what is needed is motivation and the right tutors and tools.

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