Choosing Your O-level English Tutor

Choosing Your O-level English Tutor

Tutoring as a profession especially in Singapore has grown to exponential levels, from the traditional classroom teaching to today’s online teaching. This has in turn provided the perfect opportunity to people who want to venture into the profession. English tutoring in particular has increased in demand especially in Singapore, as people try to align themselves with the world trends. This explains why the country has so many english tuition tudors centers, however the quality of an English lesson fully depends on the tutor. Below are some of the factors that you should consider when choosing your O-level English tutor.

Personal qualities

As your O-level English tutor, he or she will spend a huge chunk of your time with you. Therefore when choosing your tutor, you need to choose someone whom you can easily relate with and one that doesn’t bore you. This therefore squares down on his personal qualities. Things like their hobbies, talents, or even their families determine the kind of tutors that they are. Therefore before you can settle on your tutor, you need to ask them all about themselves and build a personal relationship with them. This helps you choose an O-level English tutor whom you trust and is your friend. Choose the tutor that matches your interests as he will be captivating to learn from.

Their teaching style

There are varying methods of teaching english, therefore when choosing a tutor it is specifically important to know which method style they use to tutor. Different teaching styles have different outcomes and works on different people. For instance, a reward system of teaching is specifically very effective for children while a highly disciplined one is not that effective to teenagers. Just ask them the method of teaching that they use beforehand so that you can better understand them. Choose a tutor who uses a teaching method which greatly works for you. If you are a fun loving student don’t choose a tutor who is highly serious about things as he or she will bore you.

Their schedule and rates

It goes without saying that you don’t expect an O-level English tutor to tutor you for free, he or she will need some payments. It is therefore important to ask them beforehand how much it will cost you for their services. This is specifically important as it ensures that you aren’t caught unawares which can bring disagreements. Therefore choose a tutor who charges relatively fair to your pockets. In addition to the rates, you need to ask your tutor how their schedule is so that you can see if it matches yours. Choose a tutor whose schedule matches yours as it will make the learning easy and effective.