Food sensitivity mainly presents with symptoms that include body restlessness, pain at the joints headaches, bloating of the abdomen and in case you experience the above symptoms then you should develop a high suspicion of a food sensitive reactions which your body might be having due to its failure to break down some food elements present in the diet that one has taken an that testing is called food intolerance testing

It gives a delayed response since it only makes IgG immunoglobulin active which is of delayed immune complex reactions. For its symptoms to be evident one has to be patient for at least 3 hours even up to 3 days after being exposed to antigens in food that elicit this response. These makes it a challenge for one to easily know the food bringing out reaction affecting them since different foods may have been eaten before the signs and symptoms comes out. The symptoms are likely to be associated with ear nose and throat infections, hepatitis c infection and upper respiratory infections that present with difficulty in breathing and nasal congestion.

Its causes are digestive food enzyme defects or deficiency thus foods cannot be broken down completely as enzymes plays a major role in food breakdown. Drugs and food stuffs that contain chemicals that the body reacts can also cause the reaction. High levels of histamine can also elicit the reaction and sometimes the reactions can come up due to causes which are unknown. Its occurance is usually high in females compared to male since women’s hormonal balances varies at different times since they undergo menstruation and also uses family planning methods such as combined contraceptive pills, implants, injectibles and progestin only pills which alters the balance of hormones in the body.

Testing of food sensitivity levels is necessary since the presenting symptoms can be irritating and stressful to an individual. It’s important for one to seek the medical attention if he presents with the above symptoms since the condition can be managed after identifying the specific food causing reactions and stop taking it or take in smaller sum that cannot initiate the occurrence of the food sensitivity reactions. Positive family history of food intolerance and allergies can also be an indication of having of carrying out a test of food sensitivity in an individual.

Helping one to go through an elimination diet successfully is advisable to confirm if the results given out by various tests or qualify one’s suspicion towards certain food. Other tests that can be done are those which focus their results towards identifying amounts of IgG such as IgG blood tests, ELISA IgG, and mediated release test can be of importance. Thus it is necessary for one to seek the medical advice and everything will be well with you if you follow the guidelines given.