How beneficial is taking a microdose shrooms?

How beneficial is taking a microdose shrooms?

Have you ever tried to look into how microdosing shrooms safely to your health? Have you ever also tried this dosing before? How safely you should do it? Now I have all your questions answered. Hope you will enjoy reading this article. Come with me below is all questions you have silently asked yourself,your friends,  

How beneficial is taking a microdose shrooms? 

And here are some of the benefits of taking small dosage of shrooms. 

  1. They enhances body immunity. 
  1. They help in reducing stress. 
  1. One will have a good sleep. 
  1. They help in reducing tiredness for the days work. 
  1. It is used for healthy advantages such as balancing blood pressure, reducing veins clotting due to too much intake for fats in your body. 
  1. Helps to control blood sugar levels. 
  1. Help in brain immunity and enhances thinking capabilities. 
  1. It helps in increasing one’s strength on doing work as well as stamina during bed. 
  1. It is used to treat body infectious diseases. 
  1. It helps in the treatment of cancer. 
  1. It helps in treatment for diseases associated with the respiratory system such as asthma, sneezing nose.e.t.c. 
  1. Some doctors say that once taken at small amounts it treats HIV aids.e.t.c 

Factors affecting the intake of this shrooms 

Below are some factors affecting the intake of these small dosage of shrooms. 

  1. One should be of eighteen years of age unless when prescriped by a doctor. 
  1. Your level of sickness matters alot. 
  1. If it’s doctor’s prescribed it will be indicated when to take it.e.t.c. 

Side effects of taking shrooms 

To some people, taking either small or large amount of shrooms it can affect them negatively. Therefore, here are it’s negative side effects. 

  1. Once can start hallucinating
  1. It can cause dizziness during your daily chores. 
  1. It can result to your stool looking bloody. 
  1. It can cause headache. 
  1. Some people may nose bleed.e.t.c 

Those people who are affected by medicines like asprin, e.t.c are encouraged not to take this medicine or drug. 

Some people may also ask if taking shrooms may be risky. Yes it may depending on your body response to medicines and drugs. 

  1. Taking shrooms may affect persons not taking asprin during their sneezing periods due to blood type differences. 
  1. When mixing it with herbal medicines I prefer you consult your doctor not lose lose your life. 
  1. If you are pregnant you should not take it. 

How to take a microdose of shrooms for best results 

Below are some important facts about shrooms and how safely you need to take them. More preferred time for the shrooms to work perfectly, one should take it at morning time. 

  1. Put a quarter of a tea spoon on your tea cup. 
  1. Put your tea or coffee into the cup. 
  1. Stir it perfectly. 
  1. Now take it. 

Do this after seven to ten days for best results. Keeping in mind it should be a microdose. 

In conclusion, I therefore recommend that this small dose of shrooms once taken as per doctor’s prescription or just a small dose for your intented purpose I assure you it will work perfectly and safely as you had desired. Hope your questions have been answered.  shroom hub of Canada