New Concussion Concerns Affect Wellness Practisioners

Effective concussion therapy methods that are used

During the early days when an individual suffered a concussion, the only thing that they were told or expected to do was to get as much rest as they possibly could. When the rest did not yield any fruits, they were told to rest for longer until they felt better. However, over the years, there has been a lot of research that has been done on concussions and with these different ways in which they can be managed has also been discovered.  Another thing about rest is that sometimes it does not work especially when you get to have prolonged periods of rest. Not only does resting for long hours not work, but the thing is that it may only end up making you feel worse in the process. When it comes to what causes a concussion therapy, there are a number of different methods that are usually used which have been proven to work.

  • The exercise type of therapy

According to animal studies that have been done over the years, it has been found that when one suffers a concussion, the amount of blood flow that goes to the brain is usually reduced especially during the very early stages of the concussion. These changes in the brain and many other symptoms may end up worsening long after the injury has taken place. This is one of the reasons as to why when you take rest you may start feeling better but once you try to do the slightest of activities like walking, you start to feel worse again. There is,however, a solution to this which is known as exercise therapy. It is however important for you to go to a specialist who knows exactly what it is that they are doing so that you do not end up worsening the situation and begin feeling a whole lot worse.

  • The manual type of therapy

Most of the time, a concussion tends to occur together with a whiplash. What this means is that chances are high that you are also going to end up suffering from a strain or a sprain which may take place on your neck. According to a study that was carried out recently, it was found that most of these concussions tend to take place at the same time. This is IFSPT where the manual type of therapy comes in especially when it comes to its importance of making you feel better.

  • Nutritional and dietary changes

When you suffer an injury on any of your tissues, this has been found to bring about some kind of inflammation. Another thing is that when you suffer from a concussion, this may end up resulting into what is called metabolic dysfunction. With this, you need to make some changes to your diet so as to make the healing process that is taking place in your body an easier one.

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