Pets are now part of many families that want to keep them safe, healthy, and comfortable. We seek love, companionship, comfort, and stability in pets. For instance, some people want a familiar face to greet them when they get home or when they wake up, while others a constant to anchor them in turmoil. Since most people are possibly spending more time with their pets due to working from home, shopping behavior of pet owners is making pet products commerce unwavering. 

What exactly do pet owners buy for their pets? Below is a list of must-have pet products purchased in the Central Business District (CBD);  

  1. Pet Food 

Pet food is a lucrative business niche among other pet products in the CBD thus the demand for pet foods is soaring. Notably, pet owners are opting for healthy (organic) pet foods instead of the traditional pet foods with a list of ingredients they cannot understand.  

Also, pet food has almost as many varieties as human food. Thus, you can offer different products to your target customers. If you run a natural or environmental brand, you can retail organic pet food. If your brand is fitness or health-centric, sell special diet pet food. 

  1. Health and hygiene products 

The extra time spent at home allows pet owners to give attention to their pets’ hygiene. Hence the rise in the search for pet health care.  

For instance, a solution to unpleasant breath from a dog involves sprinkling powder medication on their food as directed. This medicine clears plaque, tarter, and stink. Also, it’s easier to administer than direct medication. You can get pet medication for fleas and ticks in the CBD – chewable tablets and creams.  

Grooming brushes for pets are available in pet stores in the CBD. Brushing can remove any dead hair, dirt, and dandruff. Proper pet grooming can eliminate hair matting, ticks, fleas, shedding, and stop other severe health conditions that may develop. 

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  1. Pet Beds 

Pet beds have been trending for a while. A pet owner hunts for a bed that is comfortable to cradle their pet’s joints. The foam surface of some beds is designed to be therapeutic for your pet. Some beds have removable and machine-washable covers for easier maintenance.  

  1. Pet Collars and Harness 

Pet collars are popular. Pet collars may contain details about the pet’s name and owner’s contact information. Some pet products retailers in the CBD offer to personalize the collars to the clients’ liking.  

Pet owners are also going for harnesses to use when taking their companions for walks. Harnesses provide an equal distribution of force, providing comfort for the pet and the owner ease to take a walk. 

  1. Car Seat covers 

Car seat covers are available for owners who often have their pets in the car. The seat covers are protective fabrics that have attachments for easy installation and removal in car seats.  

  1. Pet Cage 

There are sleek carriers available in the CBD, made with breathable mesh walls that allow you to carry your pet where you want to go. You can order a taxi without worrying about the taxi driver detesting your pet. In addition, sending live animals through the mail isn’t recommend but, you can get pet cages that adhere to suggested commerce guidelines.  


Simple things you can do right now while living together with your pets: 

  • Make sure to wash your sheets frequently if your pet sleeps with you. 
  • Regular pet grooming not leaving the ears. 
  • Look out for fleas or any signs of infection. 
  • Consider buying furniture made from pet-friendly material. 
  • Pet-proof your home: choose easy-to-clean surfaces like carpet tiles.  

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