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How CBD is it used as a cosmetic?

Skin diseases might increase from a range of individuals who interact once in a while or daily, that is; if they come in contact with each other, they must have created a transmission mode for a specific skin disease like the psoriasis. The CBD Cosmetic application prevents all this faults. 

The CBD, as a waste product of the cannabis, can be applied on the skin to enhance its natural healing effect. It is used in form of oil. It also forms part of the Cosmetic ingredients. There are some other Cosmetics which are specifically meant for beauty and some specifically meant for prevention or cure purposes.   

Is CBD oil applied on the face? 

Of course you cannot literary apply CBD oil on the face directly, it is an ingredient used when manufacturing other skin oils such as lotions. Cosmetic has other ingredient in it thus making it suitable for face application and the whole of the skin. 

To make it more clearly, you do not use CBD oil as a preventive medicine but to enhance your beauty too. 

Does CBD penetrate through the skin? 

Yes. CBD Cosmetic can be absorbed inside your skin but cannot reach your bloodstream. It only connects to the structure underneath your skin and changes the skin color, skin texture, and the pores sizes. Unlike Concealer, this is lighter when it comes to skin pigment and penetration level.  

CBD Cosmetic use requires prescription?  

Drugs must be prescribed to the user by a trained personnel, this contradicts the CBD Cosmetic use since it does not require any FDA approval except for the color additives. 

This does not mean that the Cosmetic products should not meet the desired quality before they are marketed. Substandard products are not allowed in the markets, since they do not need such approval it is not a guarantee to be substandard or illegal, rather it must follow the correct order and regulations of production, usage and storage as other dangerous but useful chemicals.  

What is CBD Cosmetic?  

CBD Cosmetic is a product that should be applied to the body for beautifying, cleansing or altering the outward appearance of the skin. It is a complex mixture of chemicals and should not be mistaken with that of Immune System. The Chief purpose of this Cosmetic is to prevent skin diseases and enhance beauty. It may have other minor applications different from the above mentioned.  


It is important to note that the CBD Cosmetic is different from powdered Cosmetic. The powdered Cosmetic is applied to the skin in a different way with that of CBD. Also they have some vast differences and should not be confused; the differences are clearly stated in other recognized websites sources