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Smoking vs. Vaping THC consumption effects among teenagers

Until recently smoking was the preferred method of consumption of nicotine, but vaping THC is now highly used. The majority of teenagers are either smokers or users of vaping THC. Smoking comprises the burning of dried nicotine plants – however vaping THC involves boiling the extracts from the herb and inhaling the flavored vapor. Both methods have different spectators but is any healthier compared to the other for your well-being?


Smoking vs.Vaping THC products is addictive to the users. Especially e-cigarette consumers tend to get more nicotine levels than those using flammable tobacco. Like heroin and cocaine, e-cigarette and regular cigarette consumers are addictive since they contain nicotine. Since they are portable users can purchase extra to always get the larger hit of the nicotine.

Health problems

Smokings vs Vaping THC substances are harmful to your heart and lungs. Nicotine is a harmful substance – it may cause hypertension and trigger your adrenaline causing a heart attack. Addiction among teens causes a desire for smoke causing withdrawal indications if you don’t satisfy the need. Smoking vs. Vaping THC consumption is linked to chronic lung complications and cardiovascular diseases. These substances are not restricted to only the lungs and heart – they contain other substances that can harm nearly all body organs.

Appealing factor

The new generation is hooked to e-cigarettes particularly those that are disposable types compared to traditional tobacco.  The youth trust that vaping is less dangerous than smoking. Also, e-cigarettes are cheaper therefore the shift from smoking cigarettes to vaping. Teens have also found that these e-cigarettes do not cause smoke and have no smell, reducing the shame associated with smoking. The appealing effect has led to great consumption of nicotine

Fires and explosions

Smoking vs. Vaping THC usage has both caused fires and explosions that have resulted in major and minor injuries. Faulty e-cigarette batteries can cause some fires. Once the batteries are malfunctioning they are capable of exploding causing fires to the near surroundings. After the cigarette users have satisfied their urge to smoke, they recklessly throw away the remaining cigarettes, therefore, causing a fire.


The consumption of tobacco and e-cigarette is never safe for our health. Long-term usage may cause death. As a teen earlier you quit, the faster your body recovers and keeps itself. Smoking vs. Vaping THC consumption effects is related to respiratory diseases and should be avoided at all costs.

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