Understanding The Intricacies Of Corporate Storytelling?

Understanding The Intricacies Of Corporate Storytelling?

An explanation of corporate storytelling begins with understanding what storytelling is. Storytelling is the way in which people naturally communicate. Consequently, stories are a powerful and effective means of connecting people. While the businesslike way of communicating using facts and figures informs, storytelling allows people to experience what this data means.

How Essential Is Corporate Storytelling?

Storytelling is essential for human life. Stories enable people to give meaning to their existence, pass on knowledge, change behavior and understand their history and future.

Storytelling is aimed at dialogue and interaction and is ideal for community building.

The Added Value of Corporate Storytelling

Corporate storytelling turns the flame used to light the corporate story into a fire. The essence of your organization is recorded in this story and corporate storytelling brings the written story to life. Corporate storytelling is an inspiring means of communication that involves people in messages and removes obstacles. Corporate storytelling has an extremely wide range of uses: more commitment in the organization, ‘all noses pointing in the same direction’, new fire and passion in the organization, developing leadership, promoting cooperation.

Corporate storytelling brings the story of the brand, organization and company to life. People need to be part of a larger whole and contribute to a shared goal. Storytelling can reinforce the corporate culture or can steer an organization through a process of change. Employees are involved in the core and the future of the organization, make connections themselves, speak out about their personal experiences and their connection with the company, and share anecdotes about memorable events.

Corporate Storytelling for Unity

The corporate story of businesses Jordon Bower is brought to life in the Internet age with stories that really matter. Unity is brought to the story of organizations. The core of any corporate story: connecting people to your story. Corporate storytelling revolves around creating real dialogue between people. Storytelling is ideally suitable for community building.

Storytelling People Completes the Corporate Story Circle:

  • They record the raison d’être story of organizations in a corporate story
  • They get people and organizations moving with corporate storytelling.
  • With the OneStory platform they build lively corporate communities.

The Corporate Storytelling Method of Working

Every corporate story is unique, because every organization is unique. However, what organizations have in common is a passion for their own story. If that story is authentic, it is told from the heart. OneStory® is their method and approach for consistent storytelling training course at all levels.

Their OneStory method is the foundation for successful corporate stories and corporate communities. Their method of working brings the true stories in your organization to the surface and combines them into a single clear story that connects people. With the corporate story the fire of inspiration in an organization is ignited.