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Working with your mover for a stress-free move

It is the wish of every person to see through a move as a success. However, few get it right. What about the rest/ would you to be part of them? I can hear you say no. that said, you have to agree that you have to handle your move professionally. And that means bringing in the right people for the job. A professional mover company should be the way to go. Setting up a good relationship with your mover is key to the success of the entire process. Here is a checklist to adhere  to ensure your move remains smooth every step of the way.

1.    Plan ahead
How do you get to the mover company in the first? You have to ignite the process. That means you go back and do your homework. Research on the local mover companies and their reputation. Whichever suits your needs should be the chosen one. Make sure you plan way ahead of time to discover any possible problems in advance. Make arrangements to interview several companies before landing on a single one. Demand for insurance and licensing. That way, you will have a bigger picture of what to expect.

2.    Be available for effective communication
Although moving is not an emergency, you still need to be on standby on the phone. There is so much planning and arrangements that has to be executed in the process. If you want the mover to be there for you when you require him/her, then you have to reciprocate. It?s a two way method of building trust. And effective communication is not only supposed to be at the initial stages of planning. You require to be reachable throughout from start to finish.

? 3.    Give required details
If you are not available to give out directions on how you would like your move to be handled, you should not complain when things go wrong. You are dealing with human beings. No matter how professional they may be, if they don?t execute your move your way, you will not be satisfied. Give out the details on how many boxes are to be transmitted for accurate estimates. Explain where special attention may be required e.g. where apartment floor level is reduced or your apartments is in 10th floor.

4.    Talk about cost
Most of the movers would like it if you don?t negotiate the price so that they demand whatever sum they wish once the job is done. It is better if you agree on the total payments and what mode you are going to use to make payment in advance. Where you sense a red flag say with over-reduced costs, feel free to ask whether there are other hidden charges that you don?t know of. 

Ensure that you pick a NYTIMES full service company rather than subcontractors who don?t guarantee 100% service.

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